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Share the costs to reach thousands of households with our Xpress Ads Offerings

xPress Ads service

With Minuteman Press Xpress Ads, your business will get a full-service advertising solution that includes everything from design and print to USPS processing and delivery straight to the doorsteps of thousands of potential new clients!

Xpress Ads are colorful advertising pieces that stand out to recipients because there are no envelopes, meaning that your ad will be highly visible to anyone who sees it. When you choose to use Xpress Ads direct mail advertising with us, you will be getting exposure to thousands of households, and the best part is we will do all of the design, printing and mailing for you!

Why Xpress Ads?

The latest research has shown that direct mail will produce a response of 1.5% to 3.5%, which means that your business can get a solid return on investment when using Xpress Ads mailers that reach ~ thousands of households. Getting even a handful of new customers would produce solid returns.

In addition, Xpress Ads mailings can be used to:

  • Promote new products and services
  • Direct customers to your website or Facebook page
  • Offer a special price or discount
  • Publicize an event or sale

Xpress Ads are Mailed Out on a Pre-Determined Schedule

We publish Minuteman Xpress Ads mailers on an appropriate schedule to best accommodate seasonal and holiday events.  Each mailer will be sent to residences and businesses in its target area.

  • Full Visibility – No Envelopes!
  • No Surprises – All Inclusive Pricing
  • Our all-inclusive Xpress Ads cover all printing and mailing charges — there are no additional charges.
  • No Hassle – We Handle Everything

As part of the Xpress Ads program, we:

  • Design your ad to your specifications
  • Print the mailers on high quality paper
  • Bundle the mailers according to USPS specifications
  • Generate the required USPS paperwork
  • Deliver finished mailers to the appropriate Post Offices

Minuteman Press Xpress Ads:

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